Build Contactless Engagement Workflows Using the Openscreen API & SDKs

Openscreen Create allows you to leverage powerful contact and asset management capabilities to develop Dynamic QR Code driven applications.

Workflow diagram with code-block, browser and a smartphone, representing the touch-points involved in a dynamic QR code.
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Quickly launch applications using Openscreen’s comprehensive developer tools

How it works

Build Contactless Engagement Applications



Get started with developer documentation and generating keys using the Openscreen dashboard



Create your first Project, Asset and Dynamic QR Code



Create and host a webform to fetch Contact information upon QR Code scan. This is the destination of your QR Code



Create an Openscreen Contact whenever a QR Code is scanned and your webform is submitted



Generate valuable scan data and access it using the Openscreen Dashboard

What we offer

Core Objects

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Easily keep track of Assets, Contacts, QR Codes, & Scans within your applications using Openscreen projects

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Assets represent physical or digital objects. Once an Asset has been created, QR Codes are then generated to trigger the contactless engagement workflow around that specific Asset

Blue and black icon displaying a stack of QR codes

Dynamic QR Codes

Scan QR Codes to trigger your custom contactless workflows

Blue and black icon displaying a phone with a QR code and a callout of a location pin.


Capture contextual information for every scan of a QR Code, such as time & location of Scan

Three people icons, two blue on left and right and one black in the middle.


Capture information related to the person and device scanning the Asset/QR Code

Blue chat icon bubbles


Send SMS notifications to Contacts based on preconfigured workflows