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How it started

The Contactless Layer for the Physical World

Openscreen is the contactless customer engagement & commerce layer for the internet. Openscreen enables the creation of interactive applications that allow enterprises to meet, interact and transact with their customers and resources wherever they are. Transforming physical and manual interactions into the digital processes, Openscreen powers frictionless QR Code based applications to capture customers, build loyalty, streamline operations and directly increase revenue and retention.

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Snapshot of QR Code reporting section within Openscreen's dashboard
Empowering developers and enabling enterprises

Our Mission

We at openscreen believe we're at the beginning of understanding how QR Codes can be used in enterprise use case to engage audiences, digitize processes, and drive valuable data insights. Generating unique, trackable QR Codes at scale from your own systems and applications can transform your businesses and expand the Internet of Things (IOT) universe exponentially.

Who we are

Our Team

Openscreen's Leadership Team combines deep experience in software engineering and technology entrepreneurship with a curious and open-minded approach to embracing the future.

Portrait photo of Gemini Waghmare, CEO at Openscreen.
Gemini Waghmare


Portrait photo of Tom George, CTO at Openscreen.
Tom George


Portrait photo of Luke Galli, VP Finance & Operations at Openscreen.
Luke Galli

VP, Finance & Ops

Portrait photo of Stephanie Blom, Head of Product at Openscreen.
Stephanie Blom

Head of Product